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A product free itself, Avg is just fit perfectly to all the needs that you can have. Its offer the large variety premium services, complete virus protection, antispyware and much more. Its remarkable features are responsible for providing the best security cover from e-threads. It’s small in size to download and easy to install.

Call Toll Free: 1-855-254-4001


"According to PcWorld- The suite is capable to protect against 98% of all unknown attacks from the real world. It also successfully removed 99% of malware and viruses from the system in there labs."


Avg main screen has all main feature which mostly people uses. At the top of panel, there is a big banner which becomes green when you’re secure and red when you are not. Not like the windows metro looks that others having, Avg kept its original look with more attractiveness with easiness at the same time.


Its common features are internet security, automatic update, scanning of email which sent or received. It also can repair those file which get infected from the viruses. It has quarantine area where infected files are keeping. Moreover, Its has Link Scanner which gives search shields – a safe green or red color mark next to each link of Yahoo, Bing and Google. Its active search shield can scan the content with in the website to make sure about safety.

The banner at the top has five options: Computer, Web Browsing, Identity, Emails, and Firewall. Every one shows respective warnings. Under these options you will find some more features to sort out your problems. Its internet security system can store your password, detect malware in ecommerce websites, scanning the URL before it open and many more. It maintains online privacy.

Hence, it’s the one of best free antivirus in this world. It’s always focused about the safest workspace where you can work or play or even make online transactions without any doubt.

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